(British Summer Time) June 29th 2016-July 3rd 2016

To an outsider, it is encouraging to observe Britain’s unique respect for holiday and leisure time, and for its love of outdoor activity. Activities, unlike sports, are for the populous; the leisurists; the families; the weekenders; the passionate enthusiasts.

The iconic landscape of the British outdoors is a cultivated and manicured creation occupying the entirety of the country. It is a programmed landscape, organised to be enjoyed. In these surroundings when the sun shines and the population is free from constraints, there is a complete commitment to these fleeting moments of summer. Like children running from the house on a summer day, real life is forgotten, left indoors like chores and homework. There is a freeing of minds and shedding of clothes in an attempt to refuel and absorb maximum happiness. This is where the British play.

British Summer Time, BST


BBQ on the Studio Roof

London Fields_sm

Ponds at the Heath

Waking Up on the Canals

The South Coast

Summer Sailing

Morning Tennis

May Ride

Lounging at the Heath